How do I subscribe?

Create an account and click that you are happy for us to send you our newsletter then wait for our weekly inspiration to come into your inbox every Thursday.

How do I buy a deal?

Create an account click on the deal you want and buy a voucher.

Can I buy a deal for a friend?

Yes we have a gift option beside buy for every deal.

How do I book using my voucher?

If you look at the fine print it will tell you how to book.

What is included with my voucher?

Everything that is included is in the description on the advert anything on top of that is fully payable to the business when you are at the location using your voucher.

How long is my voucher valid for?

The expiry is on all the adverts so please check but mostly it is three months.

I own a business how to I advertise with IM Local?

Head over to our contact us page and give us a call or drop us an email.

I need to speak to customer services?

Drop us an email at info@imlocal.im